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can’t tell whether noise downstairs is house noise burglar noise or I should get some sleep noise


Oh, wait, you said ”SEND NUDES”? I thought you said “SEND NUKES” hahaha whoops uh i guess you should evacuate your city or something

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this is the laziest fucking gang I’ve ever seen

this description made me think of a bunch of Greasers jut laying all over the sidewalk like ragdolls and they only raise their hands to snap their fingers when someone passes by
my outfit was super cute today
// poorly framed mid shot doesn’t do it justice 


I hate that some feminists have raging superiority complexes and mock other feminists for not being ‘proper’ feminists like I hate to break it to you but no one form of feminism is universally perfect - every individual woman has different needs and life experiences and so my feminist beliefs aren’t going to perfectly match yours, but that’s what makes feminism perfect; its not just one overarching ideology prescribed to everyone its a grouping of millions of differing strands and viewpoints and just because you listen to lily allen or you wear pink it does not make you an ‘inadequate’ feminist okay 

feminism is literally just the belief that all people are equal

there is no superior form of feminism

if there was then feminism would have collapsed

(shut up)


Chanel A/W 14

gay pride + movie night with my sweethearts + birthday birthday clubbing,

*:・゚✧ literally cannot wait for this weekend eek *:・゚✧